Today’s working world is changing with new job opportunities appearing and existing jobs evolving.

The Mitchell Hub can help you grow and evolve too.

Hub learners join a community of learners taking short courses on specific topics in high-demand careers. We are committed to your success. Our learning experience includes a success and support center to help learners navigate online learning technology, develop strategies for successful online learning, and connect with other learners, industry mentors, and regional workforce organizations.

Achieving your goals is possible

Industry Recognized Certifications and Emerging Skills

Adaptable Plans for Upskilling with Employer Collaboration

On-demand Learning Experience focused on Access, Flexibility, and Connectedness.

Online and On-Campus Access to Community and Help

Industry Spotlight:

The Mitchell Hub highlights the important work in a different industry each month by offering 15% off our courses relevant to building skill and expertise in that field.

In June 2024, the Mitchell Hub is highlighting the givers and supporters - those who work for non-profit organizations and grant go-getters.

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Employer Solutions

Companies face a number of challenges recruiting, retaining, and developing staff in today’s tight labor market and rapidly changing skill environment. 

Integrating Mitchell Hub courses into onboarding, upskilling, and retraining strategies can provide flexible and cost-effective solutions. 

We’re with you all the way

All learners have access to the Digital Hub, which offers resources, support, and opportunities for community engagement. 

Advisors, mentors, and support staff are available to help you choose your course and be successful in completing it. 

Local learners can visit the Hub on the Mitchell College campus. 

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Featured Courses