The Mitchell Hub offers a variety of online professional learning to support professional growth and employer development. We offer courses leading to certification, developing professional skills, and fostering neuroequity. Use the buttons below to select a topic you are interested in.

Start Anytime, Take Anytime


Join a Seminar-style Cohort

Professional skill courses focus on specific areas of expertise and growth. There are no prerequisites or certification exams. Courses can be self-paced or have an instructor available throughout for feedback and questions.
Courses can be completed in 4-6 weeks.

Certification courses align with nationally-recognized industry exams and the cost includes the exam fee. Instructors are available throughout for questions and feedback.

Learning hours range by course (often 3-6 months).

The United Way defines equity as recognizing that “each person has different circumstances and needs, meaning different groups of people need different resources and opportunities allocated to them to thrive.”

Mitchell College’s defines neuroequity as:

Recognizes the diversity of human minds and how that diversity can shape how people engage with each other and the social and cultural structures in which we exist.
Acknowledges that those differences can disadvantage some by creating intentional and unintentional barriers.
Commits to identifying and reducing or eliminating their impact.
Listens to and involves neurodivergent perspectives when considering actions.


Requesting Additional Support

The Mitchel Hub is committed to providing equitable access to professional learning and upskilling for students of all abilities. If there are ways we can support your learning, please reach out.

Withdrawing from a Course

If you are not able to complete a course you registered for or need to request an extension, email the Hub with your request and we will be in touch regarding options.

Additional policies for Certification Courses available.