Neuroequity in the Workplace

ENROLL NOW Create an Equitable Work Environment for Neurodivergent Colleagues This course provides the knowledge and awareness to launch conversations and actions to better understand neurodiversity, the strengths it provides […]

Defining Neurodiversity

This short learning experience introduces learners to commonly used terms related to neurodiversity and encourages reflection on equitable practices in daily life.

Project Management Essentials with CAPM Prep

Two people looking at a laptop screen, only arms are visible

Demand for skilled project managers is strong, because project managers organize and streamline processes to conserve resources. Learn the principles, skills, and practices of professional project management

Pharmacy Technician

Young white woman wearing a lab coat smiling at the camera. Background is a pharmacy.

This course will prepare you for entry-level pharmacy technician positions by teaching you medical and pharmaceutical terminology, basic anatomy related to the pharmacology of medications, and pharmaceutical calculations.

Freight Broker/Agent Training

semi-truck driving down the road

From learning the laws and terminology, setting up your business, learning about valuable tools and software, contracts and forms, how to find shippers and do ratings, and much more, it will provide you with the knowledge, insight, and direction to help you stand out in this growing industry.

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

chalkboard diagram with supply chain in the middle and the terms logistics, consumer, supplier, manufacturer, distributer, and retail market with arrows pointing inward

This course will prepare you for the Certified Supply Chain Professional exam. You will learn how to translate the connection between the areas of planning, sourcing, manufacturing, and delivering into an integrated supply chain.

Cybersecurity Boot Camp

blue washed image of hands on a laptop keyboard with security icons overlaid

The Cybersecurity Boot Camp will help you earn the skills and credentials required to enter the cybersecurity workforce.

CompTIA™ Security+ Certification

man at a computer whose screen reads information security

Successful completion of this course will allow you to assess an organization’s security strength while recommending and implementing appropriate security solutions based on those assessments.