Welcome to the Foster Corp Training Hub

Mitchell College and Foster Corp are pleased to collaborate to bring you training opportunities.

Ask HR for more information on how to sign up.


These courses are aligned with, and often prepare for, certification exams. They often take a few months to complete.

Instructors are available throughout for questions and feedback.

Skill Courses

Professional skill courses focus on specific areas of expertise and growth.

Courses can be self-paced or instructor-moderated and can be completed in 4-6 weeks.


Requesting Additional Support

The Mitchel Hub is committed to providing equitable access to professional learning and upskilling for students of all abilities. If there are ways we can support your learning, please reach out.

Withdrawing from a Course

If you are not able to complete a course you registered for or need to request an extension, email the Hub with your request and we will be in touch regarding options.

About the Mitchell Hub

The Mitchell Hub provides learning experiences that are meaningful for a broad range of learners by embodying the values of accessibility, flexibility, and connection.

Microcredentials from the Mitchell Hub are tightly aligned to the knowledge, skills, and abilities of in-demand careers and successful career growth. Learning has been validated through industry professional input into course design and evaluation.

The Mitchell Hub issues a certificate of completion and digital badge to learners completing courses. For most courses aligned with credential exam, learners completing the course will be provided a voucher to take the exam at no additional cost.

Learners have access to a digital and on-campus Success Center for technical, learning, and career support and opportunities to engage with other Hub learners and mentors.

The Mitchell Hub: Digital Innovation & Educational Excellence at Mitchell College was launched in January, 2023 through the support of U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, the U. S. Department of Education, the State of Connecticut, and the New England Board of Higher Education for the purposes of providing access to industry-relevant credentials and professional skills through a digital-first approach and robust learner support. The Mitchell Hub is a part of the Mitchell College continuum of learning opportunities.